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** Get 1 Month of Faith Engine for Only $1 and get our new Facebook Ads for Churches Training FREE **
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Here’s how our bonus offer works: Choose any of our Faith Engine plans (Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual) and get your first 30 days for just $1 today.  This will qualify you for FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to our new Facebook Ads Training. This will be a 3 part “look-over-the-shoulder” style training with the first module released on April 4.

Don’t forget… with Faith Engine there’s no contract, so you’re free to cancel your service at any time. Even if you decide to cancel, you’ll still have access to our Facebook Ads training that you can reference at any time in the future to help grow your church.  You’ve got nothing to lose!

Special Offer Ends April 1

Offer ends on April 1 @ 11:59pm EST








Next Step: Select Your Faith Engine Plan

Get Your First 30 Days for $1 + the Facebook Ads Training With All Plans


$1 For 30 Days

  • Then $27/mo paid annually starting in 30 days ($324)
  • You Save 32.5%
  • FREE BONUS: Facebook Ads Training Course ($49 Value)


$1 For 30 Days

  • Then $29/mo paid quarterly starting in 30 days ($87)
  • You Save 27%
  • FREE BONUS: Facebook Ads Training Course ($49 Value)


$1 For 30 Days

  • Then $40/mo starting in 30 days
  • Get started now
  • FREE BONUS: Facebook Ads Training Course ($49 Value)

All Faith Engine Plans Include

Done-for-you Content Library
140+ Fresh post ideas added monthly
Connect UNLIMITED Social profiles
Post scheduling
Smartphone & tablet friendly
Beautiful shareable images
Ready to share spirit-building content
Questions that engage your audience

Only Want the Facebook Ads Training?

Get the Facebook Ads Follow Along Training for $49 (Faith Engine not included)

Facebook Ads Training


  • 3 Video modules
  • Step by step over-the-shoulder training
  • 30 Day money back guarantee

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How to use Facebook’s amazing targeting to serve your ads to just the right audience
  • How to create and write an ad that gets results
  • How to navigate the Facebook ad platform
  • How and why to point your Facebook ad to a specific page on your website.
  • How to track the results and how everything fits together

Why Now’s The Time To Try Faith Engine

Save Tons of Time

You’ll have more time for other ministry duties that impact others – or more time for your family.

Gain Peace of Mind

Experience less stress knowing you always have quality social media content just a few clicks away.

Grow Your Church

Consistently reach new people in your community with uplifting gospel-centered social media content.

What Others Say About Faith Engine

“Faith Engine is a HUGE TIME SAVER for me.”

Beth Bard

St. John's Lutheran, Shiremanstown, PA

“With a tight budget and even tighter schedule, having Faith Engine at our fingertips is truly beneficial.

Brian Gerstenberger

Gaylord E-Free Church, Gaylord, MI

“The content in Faith Engine is crisp and clear, relatable, motivational and inspirational. I absolutely love it.

Glynis Varlack Allgood

Bellshire Ministries, Nashville, TN