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Church Social Media Calendar

The one thing that effective social media requires, is the one thing you don’t have. Time. Not having enough time has a big role in why churches fail at engaging their online audience.

One of the best ways to recover your time without sacrificing your online community is to use a social media calendar.
We filled out a weekly calendar to help you get started. Download PDF here. (right click and “save as”)

Free Social Media Calendar

(Want a blank printable version plus other goodies? Scroll down and grab it there!)

Using a calendar helps you plan and get organized all at once. It cuts down on the amount of time you spend looking for ideas, content, or figuring out what to post and when.

How does it work?

Social media calendars help you do three things: create consistency in your posting activity, help you organize content and ideas, and they make scheduling posts easier.

1. Helps you post on social media more consistently

Effective social media, especially on Facebook, starts with showing up consistently. This means posting interesting and relevant content on a regular basis. Believe it or not, inconsistency breaks trust with your audience, which makes them less likely to engage. We recommend starting with at least 2 posts per day, especially if you are looking increase interactions on Facebook.

Posting during peak activity hours of a given social media platform helps the chances of increased engagement, so be sure to watch your analytics for peak engagement patterns.

2. Helps you organize your social media content

The struggle of knowing what to post is real for church teams. We get it, and sometimes it helps to have a starting point, right? That’s one of the reasons why Faith Engine provides a curated content library. Whether you use our content, or create your own, getting it organized and planned out on a calendar eliminates the hustle and frustration around searching for content.

3. Helps make scheduling future posts simple

When you already have content planed, all in one place on your calendar, then scheduling posts is a breeze. Guess what? It will go a little faster too. Once everything is scheduled, then you have time to accomplish other things or to simply have fun engaging with people online.

Ready to take it to the next level?

Have we convinced you that a social media calendar is looking like a good idea? It is. In fact, we created a Social Media Planning Pack just for churches. Need a weekly calendar with suggested posts and frequency? Check. Need a page full of post ideas? Check. Does an editable xls file and google calendar sound good? Check. How about a blank weekly printable calendar you fill out on your own? Check, check, check.

Did we mention it is FREE? That’s right, just click here to get access right now.

Download Planning Pack

Social Media Planning Pack

Here’s what you get for free:

  1. Printable weekly social media planning sheet (pdf)
  2. Social media planning calendar in Excel (xlsx)
  3. Social media planning calendar in Google Sheets
  4. Social Post Ideas (pdf)
  5. Training Video

Download our Social Media Planning Pack. It is the best way to stay organized, and orchestrate engaging and effective social media for your church. Plus, we threw in a video to walk you through how to use everything in this resource pack!

You’ve got nothing to lose. Try Faith Engine and start your free 7 day trial today.